DICE Project – What’s On & Where

DICE Project has weekly youth clubs, training, events and projects.

Regular weekly activities are as follows. We will be posting more detailed information on our Facebook, along with photos and videos.


Young Leaders







NDCN Castle Park Rd.

Bangor Rugby

Ebernezer, Clandeboye Rd

Whitehill Community Centre

Ebernezer, Clandeboye Rd.

Green Rd Community Centre


Monday 7-9pm (fortnightly)

Tuesday 6.30-9pm

Tuesday 6.30-9pm

Wednesday 6.30-9pm

Friday 7-9.30pm

Saturday 6.30-9pm

Club Themes


 Take me out:

Choosing to Choose, healthy, dating and relationships




Girls V Boys; The competitions:

Addressing gender stereotypes and promoting equality




Wheeler Dealers:

Investigating drugs and their impact on individiuals and communities

Upcoming Workshops

Young Leadership Programme


In mid September 2016 a group of our young people began a programme to develop their leadership skills and prospects. They meet fortnightly and discover what skills they have within to enable them to develop more. This programme is informal and involves exercises and activities to reveal their potential.  It includes residentials where they will build upon their skills. They will also be involved in the planning of our community/ charity events throughout the year.


Young Women discuss relationships

Beginning 6th March in conjunction with young women’s programme, the group will be meeting with Women’s Aid to talk about relationships.  They will be tackling together the confusion that sometimes occurs in relationships and friendships.  This confusion may be how do we make it perfect?, does perfect even exist?  Is it justified how the other person is behaving?, What do I need in a relationship?, What makes one work and another not? There are so many questions and different opinions as everyone is different and all relationships are different.  This programme is about empowering young women to be able to make the choices in their lives around relationships and friendships.

Young Women Smashing the Ceiling

A small group of young women will meet up to discuss concepts and ideas of what being a ‘young woman’ means today. We will guide the young woman to challenge their own ideas about what is, and could be their future. We aim to give the young women the power to make individual choices that are beneficial and right for them.



Click a link below to check out our latest DICE event:

DICE Assisi Fun Day (8/4/2016) - What has Assisi Animal Sanctuary got to do with DICE? Every year the  young people attending the DICE Project support their local community by organising events for their chosen charity or group. This summer they wanted to help raise money for Assisi Animal Sanctuary.  Assisi is a registered charity that helps rescue abandoned dogs from Council […]