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Winter Thoughts

Hardy soups and stews,

Hot chocolate and mulled wine.

Crunchy grass stiff with frost,

Winter is around.

Children sliding down the hill,

On disregarded bits of wood.

Birds cry out when it gets light,

Hungry for some food.

Rooftops look like frosted cakes,

Fields all white with snow.

My duvet pulled around my head,

Of to bed I go.

Alison McCullough

Winter Happenings

Hungry birds,

Frozen ground.

Trees bare,

Winter time.

Dark skies,

White roads.

Short days,

Depressing moans.

Flowers hide,

Grass stops.

Fires light,

Wooly socks.

Frosted glass,

Nipping nose.

Coughing splutter,

Nothing grows.

Alison McCullough