Time to Stem the Tide of Plastic Ruining Our Shores

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Every year Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful surveys the coastline for litter. The results are shocking. Last year it found an average of 528 items for every 100 metres of beach, much of it plastic.  You can read more on this article at http://scopeni.nicva.org/article/time-to-stem-the-tide-of-plastic-ruining-our-shores.  One paragraph reads, “People most likely to litter are young men, so they are being specifically targeted by the organisation which has carried out attitudinal research.

As part of the Live Here Love Here campaign the organisation has collaborated with comedian Colin Geddis to create a series of videos featuring Barry the Blender. They are hilarious and well worth a watch. Much of the inspiration comes from the extraordinarily successful ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ campaign which can be accessed here. It is having a significant impact on littering behaviour.”  (Excerpt from NICVA’s SCOPE magazine.)