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Polly Just Do That Thing You Do

What to do in this whirl of problems that I’ve got?

There’s got to be an answer, a solution, but what?

A spinning mind needs to slow,

To decide a direction in which to go.


It may be complex or just the everyday,

But in the eye of this storm, comes into play.

Not the response but an intermission, a pause,

A little hope, in both hands cupped, gives cause.


In a foreign island great care is taken,

With every detail of its preparation.

With all due ceremony observed,

The revered infusion is served.


In a tiny scullery due care is also of import,

To arrive at completion of an acceptable sort.

Even here must be followed the chemistry of art,

Temperature, time and organic source at heart.


Simple refreshment perhaps but not to forget,

The break to consider and to benefit.

So go on please I really want you to,

Polly just do that thing you do.


By Frances Quinn