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Perfect Compliment

By Barbara Boyle

He said that I smelled nice, she liked my new dress,

Some said I was clever, but my hair was a mess.

Then followed some clapping of hands – more applause, 

Congratulations, well done, you – and then came a pause.

I think “you are amazing” sounds cool said out loud,

And to parents it’s often “you must be so proud!”

These all are quite heart-warming compliments and salutes 

But surely nothing rivals the simple phrase that’s absolute:

“I love you!”

Whispered into the ear by your true love’s sweet breath, 

Or shouted with excitement by the child you caress, 

Given with a bear-hug or the solemn hand-shake from a friend,

Who you help in a crisis that is now at an end.

Its meaning conveys that during these moments of dealings

You are the best that can be in someone’s thoughts and their feelings,

You are a piercing strip of the purest white light,

No “ifs” and no “buts” or anything of the like

That could diminish what is 

The essence of you.