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Come and help us build factchecking tools for the future.  Our mission is to build scalable, robust, automated factchecking tools for Full Fact, that can be used in newsrooms and globally by other factcheckers, within 18 months.  Full Fact is the UK’s leading non-partisan factchecking organisation. We have been at the forefront of automated factchecking since 2013.

We’re looking for developers to join our team working to tackle fake news, misinformation and the future of factchecking head on.  Working at Full Fact is more than just building tools. We are looking for people who want to improve the news and politics ecosystems and who have thought deeply about the nuance and complexity that exists within the space. We are also looking for people who are willing to make a real commitment to impartiality and to safeguarding that impartiality.  Read more about what we’re doing here.