I’m Sorry I Did’nt Look Twice

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I’m  Sorry  I  Didn’t  Look  Twice

Writer – Anonymous

I used to be good at spellings,

I’d learn them off by heart.

It was something I enjoyed doing, 

No problem, no sweat, so far… but…

Soon I became complacent,

Relied on my memory too much.

Instead of diligently learning,

I gave them a cursory glance.

I was sent to the headmaster one morning,

Because I got five of them wrong.

I was given the cane as a warning,

So I vowed to myself from then on…

That in future I’d take my work seriously,

And, when needed, I’d ask for advice.

As for the errors I made in my spellings,

I’m sorry I didn’t look twice.

My friend and I went to Bellevue,

To enjoy the amusements and rides.

I left my tray purse on a swing boat,

I’m sorry I didn’t look twice.

I played with my friend in her garden,

After placing my fan on a stone.

I rushed home for my dinner at tea-time,

Leaving the fan all alone.

I remembered the fan the next morning,

But the weather was no longer nice.

From a heat-wave to overnight pouring,

I’m sorry I didn’t look twice.

I dropped my glove in the supermarket,

As I was heading out of the store.

I realised that I had done this,

As soon as I walked through the door.

I turned round and re-entered the building,

And began a tour of the aisles.

I was confident that I would find it,

It was missing such a short while.

I enquired from the girl at the counter,

If a glove had been left in.

I showed her its left-handed partner,

But she said, ‘No, not a thing’.

The glove was never recovered,

But I learnt a lesson in life.

When moving gloves in and out of my pockets,

I’m sorry I didn’t look twice.