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Food is good but not all the food we eat is good for us. It’s not unusual today to find people who “Can’t Cook/Won’t Cook”. It’s easy to turn to ready-made meals and takeaways rather than have the bother of cooking from scratch.

Not only can this be expensive but it might not be providing us with the nutrients we need to keep our bodies well and healthy.

Cook It!

Is an informal course designed to give participants a better understanding of the foods they need to eat, and those they might need to avoid to enjoy the health benefits that food has to offer.

The course is packed with information on nutrition to help us choose a balanced diet. There are fun exercises, lots of discussion and each week participants get to cook and eat.

Cook It! is:

  • Suitable for groups (Ideally 6 – 8 people)
  • 6 x 2-hour sessions
  • Requires no cost from participants
  • Good fun!

Weight to Health

Have you noticed that there is a new diet about as often as there is a new moon?

No wonder, when there’s money to be made from those anxious to shed a few pounds.

Weight To Health, is a “weight management” programme which talks about diet and nutrition but doesn’t place you on a diet.

It offers information and support to help you make small, long-term, lifestyle changes to achieve realistic goals in losing or maintaining your weight, based on the principles of the “balance of good health”.

Combining a few small dietary changes with a commitment to gently increase your levels of physical activity can help you achieve big results. We all know that trying to lose weight is hard but with support from the group you will be all the more determined.

Weight to Health is:

  • Suitable for groups (Ideally 6 – 8 people)
  • 6 x 2 hour sessions
  • Requires no cost from participants
  • Good fun!

For further information on the above – please contact Greg Martin on 028 91461 386 or email: gregorymartin@ndcn.co.ukt