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Here we are.  A new year, not like any other but very probably, with the same new year resolutions, beginning with,’ I’m going to take more exercise and lose someweight.’ So, how’s that going? The first week starts of great, the second begins the struggle and by the third we’re climbing into bed with a bucket of Quality Street and a bottle of wine.

In case you’re heading in that direction we are guiding you towards a few resources that will help keep you motivated and on the right course. Weight loss is not about dieting but about getting a good balance of nutrition, healthy foods and cutting down on the empty calories found in all of those tempting treats.

To get you started, click on the links for the ‘Enjoy Healthy Eating guide and the Eatwell guide.

Enjoy Healthy Eating from Public Health Agency –

Eatwell Guide from Public Healthy Agency –


Check out the below Cook it and Food values programmes on cooking simple, healthy and tasty meals. – Chicken curry – chicken tikka and salad – Gammon and leak pasta – Rainbow rice – Ulster style pizza – Wheaten bread – Tomato and lentil sauce with pasta – Store cupboard salad – Ham and pineapple pizza – Chicken Curry