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Looking after our health

We have a range of mental and physical health activities that you can participate in:
All activities are FREE, open to adults only and are accessible to everyone.


Chi-Me – Improve your strength, balance and flexibility through this gentle exercise programme. Join us for an hour of invigorating yet relaxing exercise. Derived from Tai Chi, movements are simple, flowing and calming. Helps to improve breathing, aids balance and general well-being. Chi Me is suitable for all levels of fitness

Walking Group – Every Monday morning from 10am, we have a walking group that departs from our Community Hub.  The walk usually lasts up to an hour, and it is open to all ages and abilities to participate and we would love to welcome new friends to this group.  We finish off back at the Hub where a nice cuppa is well earned!

Speak Easy – We meet as a small group every week to discuss whats happening with us and around us.  Join us for conversation over a cuppa and be made to feel welcomed and listened too.  We are here to support you through tough times or come along and share a story, joke or an adventure!

Yoga – Every Monday we meet at our Resource Centre in Bangor and we carry out chair based yoga which is accessible to everyone.  Please contact us for further details.  

Reiki Sessions – One to one sessions to harmonise the body through touch movements by out specialist complimentary therapist.  Please get in touch to hear more and how we can help refer.

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