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NDCN offers a variety of health development classes and workshops to community and voluntary groups and organisations. These can be arranged to take place at the group’s own venue if suitable, at NDCN’s Resource Centre if available, or at another venue if appropriate. Classes and workshops are facilitated by the Community Development & Health Worker, Greg Martin.

Classes are free but there may be some costs for resources, materials, etc. To find out more about the courses and workshops available, please see our activity information below or contact Greg on 028 9146 1386 or email:


Please note there may be some adjustments to the programme below, so its always best to call and confirm timings before arranging to show up for a class.

The unique and alternative Community Hub ‘Chior'


Before lockdown in early 2020, NDCN were funded by the NIHE Homelessness Fund to deliver an eight week Living Well programme to support people to make their house a home, and to improve their mental health & well being.  The programme included 1-2-1 sessions, personal development, complimentary therapies  DIY, up-cycling, decorating, cooking and much more.  This holistic approach support people to be happier and more content in themselves and their home, and we have refined the programme for March 2021 delivery, if you would like more information or to signup for the course please contact:

This video showcases the key messages behind the project and we hear from those who took part – link to watch is below:

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