DOE Share the Road to Zero: Clocks Changing and Rule 144 of the Highway Code!

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DOE Share the Road to Zero: The changing of the clocks is just around the corner and, for the next few months, you’ll probably be driving in the dark more often than not.  So how do you stay safe when driving in the dark?  And what does Rule 144 of The Highway Code say anyway?  As a driver it’s your responsibility to look out for vulnerable road users – especially in the dark. So, to find out, just click on

The main things you can do to be safer in the dark include [list not exhaustive]:

  1. Slow down! You can never control the consequences if you speed.
  2. Always pay attention and stay alert. One lapse can last a lifetime.
  3. Use your lights as appropriate. Rule 226 says, “You MUST use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced, generally when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet). You may also use front or rear fog lights but you must switch them off when visibility improves.” [This is a legal requirement]
  4. Look out for pedestrians. They can be hard to see and may do something you don’t expect.
  5. Take another look for motorcyclists, especially at junctions and roundabouts – they could be approaching faster than you think.
  6. Be aware of cyclists.
  7. Always check mirrors and blind spots carefully.
  8. Always be aware of other drivers and expect the unexpected.
  9. Take extra care around older drivers. Their reactions may be slower than other drivers.