Potential Email Virus – Message from EOS Sytems

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I have seen an increase in mail purporting to come from genuine recipients to myself. These senders would have had  my email address in their address book or may have sent me mail in the past. The likelihood is that the senders mail system has been hacked in some form and it is sending the mail out without the senders permission. The content of the mail looks 100% genuine with all the correct details of the person sending the mail. The giveaway is the mail has an attachment which more than likely will contain  some form of Malware/Virus.

Please see the document attachment.  DO NOT OPEN THIS ATTACHMENT ON ANY DEVICE!  DO NOT FORWARD THE EMAIL TO ANOTHER USER! PLEASE DELETE THE MAIL IMMEDIATELY.  If you have any further concerns contact Peter Brown, peter@eossystems.co.uk or 02890459222.